Bradley David Swanson



 Bradley (Budd) David Swanson has always had an appreciation for art. During college and Law school, Budd continued his interest and study of art and art history. Travel, museum visits, and objects found in nature influenced his passion for sculpture. Drawn to the beauty of Swarovski  Crystals, Budd began to embellish his collections of skulls, antler sheds and sea shells to create a distinctive art form. Balancing the unique qualities of raw nature and elegant crystals, Budd transformed the original state of these compelling sculptural objects. The originality and attention to detail are what make his work so intriguing. All works are handmade with creativity and precision, using only the finest of materials and artistic design approach. Budd's art has been showcased in TV segments, publications, galleries, retail locations, and a juried exhibit at the Minneapolis Institute of Art.