Franck Lemarie



Franck Lemarie Creator of spectacular art, finely crafted     Franck Lemarie was born in 1964 in the Loire valley, France of an artistic family. Under the tutelage of his sculptor/painter father Michel, Franck developed a great passion, skill and eye for the arts.  Additionally, Franck studied graphic art and design at a prestigious school in Nantes, France. In 1994 he moved to America to pursue his passion of inventing and creating then directed it towards design and creation of upscale custom wood furniture.   His principals and concept   

Franck’s art is an extension of himself which is based on few simple principles: 

Observation, Meditation, Functions and Design esthetic. Balancing all aspects together, his work mixes functionality with a very strong artistic sense that he applies to furniture and interiors that he designs and more recently to his sculptures.   His inspiration    In-Sync with nature and the world around him, he sees wood as the perfect element to achieve his creations. He spends much time observing; nature’s raw materials, architecture, lines, shapes and colors. He loves to play with the tension between color and composition, working with edges, textures and elements. Through traveling he renews his sense of creative freedom and intuitive improvisation while exploring nature as a source material for expressionistic and abstract work.   Elements   Franck uses earth’s natural elements for his creations from local to exotic wood species, ceramic to stone, steel to glass; not limiting himself to 1 media. In addition to these raw elements, he loves to mix-in vintage artifacts, antiquated items that bring with them rich stories of the past. He uses his mind and his hands as a vehicle to convey his creation for you to enjoy not only the visual balance and beauty of the object but to stimulate your senses in the moment.         His philosophy    When he is aiming to achieve a Zen-Like décor, design or sculpture, he places more emphases on simplicity; removing mental, visual and physical clutter is imperative to him. Cleanliness of lines, beauty of 3 dimensional shapes, forms, textures and colors are very dominant in his work. An avid student of life, very passionate, he is eager to learn, embraces new challenges and always succeeds with brilliance.     This is preview of what Franck Lemarie is about, you will understand more through his work or when you meet him. Please enjoy the aesthetical beauty and sculptural elegance of his creations.