Jonathan Martin



   Jonathan is a British born artist who has made Aspen his base-camp for the last quarter of a century. He has been involved in the local art world for the majority of that time, as a gallery owner, art consultant and practicing artist. His studio is on top of a nearby mountain with views of the roaring fork valley below and Independence Pass on the horizon.  

 Jonathan works in a variety of mediums, Encaustic, Oils, Acrylic, Charcoal, Sculpture, Photography and sometimes a combination of all. The majority of his pieces are commission works or site specific, however, his favorite pieces are simply created for the sheer joy of painting and exploring visual ideas or themes and experimenting with the creative process.  

  His influences are diverse, inspiration comes from varied sources, nature, geology, history, archaeology, ancient art through to contemporary art.  

  When not involved in artistic pursuits, he enjoys adventure motorcycling expeditions around the world and is a guide for a bespoke 4x4 Safari company in Peru. Closer to base camp he enjoys all the delights that the valley has to offer, usually with a brace of Scottish Terriers as companions.     

About His Works

“Chiarosuro Collection”

Chiarosuro is an old Italian term that describes the interplay of shade and light.These works were in part, inspired by the superb atmospheric skies that have graced Aspen over the summer of 2017; the richly textured surfaces evoke memories of the antique frescos from ancient Rome, Pompeii, and the Greek islands; and the Patination found in the ancient ruins and Machu Picchu and Angkor Wat.For the viewer, these painting are visually compelling and mesmerizing.  When viewed in person, they draw you in, and the eye is compelled to roam the canvas the explore the nuances of each work.  

The Sky Above the Storm

Preview into Jonathan Martin's new film