Rosalyn Pergande



 Rosalyn Pergande’s dynamic and optimistic vision illuminates upon canvas with brilliant, bold colors.  Her art is full of textures giving a three dimensional look.  Her current medium is acrylic paint on stretched canvas.  Rosalyn’s work is collected throughout the United States and internationally.  Her art have developed as a result of the many past and present impacts on her life.  She is able to display on canvas all her ideas combined from traveling, skydiving, surfing, snowboarding, music, and living on the oceanfront and in the mountains.  Rosalyn is developed as an independent-educated artist since her early childhood.  As a young adult, Rosalyn’s platform extended into computer graphic design, building websites and photo/ videography, bringing her an added aspect of drawing and design not acquired by many artist.The year 2005 was a special year.  That was the year Rosalyn picked up a brush and decided to become a professional fine artist.  This began a new passion and way for Rosalyn to express her dynamic vision for the arts. 

Rosalyn Pergande is owner of Pergande Gallery and Co-Founder of Aspen Art Battle.


"Rosalyn Pergande"

Official video of Rosalyn Pergande, how art is created, an her live shows.

"Modern Day Jackson Pollock"

Rosalyn Pergande is the "Modern Day Jackson Pollock".  View her live shows and up coming projects. 


Stunt women of the skies.  Rosalyn Pergande was on a skydiving team with her mother, AnnieTrach, and sister, Olivia Thompson.  They traveled the country taking on new projects, such as, the first woman in the world to exit an ATV from an aircraft and landing it.  Rosalyn Pergande comes from a three generation skydiving family. They filmed all their projects with their company, AirZoneXtreme.

"M.O.A.B. 2011"

Rosalyn Pergande enjoying her time over the Moab desert with her skydiving friends.