Tom Sanders



Aerial Focus founded by Tom Sanders in 1979. 

Director of Photography

Aerial Stunt Coordinator

Perfect Safety Record

Still Photography in 35mm or medium format

Cinematography in 35mm, Super 35mm or Super 16mm formats including anamorphic lenses. All cameras including Arri 235 for helmet camera freefall filming with video tap.

Video acquisition in all HD formats is feasible.

Stock Library of still images, movie original, HD tape and digital video sources.

Licenses and Qualifications include United States Parachute Association Expert license (D6503), PRO Skydiving Exhibition Rating with over 7000 skydives, 145 BASE jumps. United States Hang-Gliding Association expert rating. Member of the Screen Actors Guild, AFTRA and SCUBA certified. Certified Flight Instructor (CFI) Light Sport Aircraft WSC (powered-hang-glider).

Inducted into The US ARMY Golden Knights in 2015

2005 Meritorious Service Award from the United States Parachute Association “For over a quarter of a century of promoting skydiving and the USPA in general through his photography and cinematography seen world-wide”.

Consultant to the US ARMY Golden Knights Skydiving Team for freefall camera instruction.

Consultant to US DELTA FORCE for freefall camera instruction.

In charge of live video transmission of skydiving exhibition at 1988 Seoul Olympic Opening Ceremonies.

In charge of live video transmission of skydiving exhibition at Coca Cola 600 race at Charlotte Motor Speedway promoting the “Fantastic Four, Rise of the Silver Surfer” movie.

In charge of freefall photography/videography/cinematography of President George Bush’s skydives at US Army Proving Grounds and during the opening ceremonies skydive he made at his Presidential Library in College Station, Texas.